Tips for Landlords

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Get your deposit protected

It is now compulsory to have damage deposits secured in protection schemes. There are two types of schemes - Insurance based and custodial. Your agent can arrange this for you.

Rental valuation

Trust your agent’s rental valuation, even if it’s lower than you expected. They have invaluable market experience and take into account many variables before giving a rental price.

Present your property

When attracting new tenants, it is important to keep the decor of your property (interior and exterior) well kept. As they say - 'First impressions last'.

Human interaction

A good tenant and landlord relationship is one that is built on fairness and morals. Landlords should treat tenants in a manner that they would like to be treated.

Safety Certificates

If your property has a gas supply it is mandatory to have a yearly gas safety inspection. It is also encouraged, and good practise to have a PAT test for electrical goods.

Choose an Agent

Instruct a reputable agent that markets heavily and gets the job of letting properties done. The phrase 'you get what you pay for' really stands rue with letting agents.

Take a load off

Let your agent manage the property for you, they have very good resources and usually negotiate good rates for repair work. Saving on agent fees to do it yourself can be a false economy.


To avoid a dispute at the end of tenancy with regard to returning a security deposit, ensure a comprehensive inventory is conducted at the start. It can often save money on the long run.

Give your tenants space

Although you are the legal owner of the property, it is the tenant's home. Leave them to enjoy the property, if you do need to visit the property, give at least 24 hours notice.

Prepare your property

Before a tenant is due to move in, ensure the property is clean and equipt with instrution manuals for appliances, this will save the tenant calling you to ask how the cooker works!

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